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GlobalGreen Agent Testimonials

“Making the move from being a captive agent with Farmers was a big step for us. When we finally decided it was time, we researched several options. For us the obvious choice was a GlobalGreen franchise. They had more to offer than anyone else. After meeting them it was no surprise how easy  and helpful they were to work with. The transition was effortless & they were always there to help as needed. Now 2 yrs. later, which we think is important for people to know, without a doubt we made 100% the right choice.

Anyone considering a move like this would be strongly advised that you won’t find a better or well organized company to put your trust in. We would highly recommend Jeff, Chuck & Ray along with their very competent staff to anyone seeking a great business opportunity!! We are available to discuss our success with GlobalGreen with anyone.”
Eileen – TX


“As we complete our 8th year of operation, I can’t help but think about the “perception vs. reality” theory.  I envisioned how successful we would be if we could write $40K in business per month, after all, that’s a great month on the captive side.  In reality, we’ve built a team of two into a team of five and our team is amazingly strong.  In reality, our last four years looks like this.  In 2010 we averaged 95 items per month and wrote $1.54 million in business, 2014 was 85 items per month and $1.35 million annually, 2015 was 85 items per month and $1.45 million annually, and after seven months completed in 2016, we are averaging 85 items per month and produced $915K.  Our reality has far outweighed our perception!  In this case, it doesn’t happen without hard work and dedication.  Find a successful path and follow it!”
“Starting up an independent insurance agency franchise has been the best experience we could imagine thanks to the GlobalGreen Insurance Agency. After being bullied for 4 years with a captive carrier, then seeing the independent side first hand, I do not understand why anyone would want to be a captive agent. I wish our agency would have had GlobalGreen Insurance available years ago. Thank you to all of the wonderful staff at Equity One Franchisors.”
“GlobalGreen gives me the agency management system plus access to insurance pros who help make me better.”
Tim – MO


Before entering the insurance business, my business experience was in banking, real estate, and the title industry. I was a real estate broker when the market crashed and didn’t see the real estate market coming back in the near future. In 2006 when I was presented the opportunity to become a Farmers Insurance Agent, I jumped at it. I immediately started marketing my insurance business to real estate offices and escrow companies. I had contacts in those industries, knew the business, and within a year was receiving numerous referrals from these sources. At the time I joined Farmers, their rates were attractive in California, but that quickly came to an end. They dramatically increased their pricing, and I started losing customers and my referral network, as it was apparent Farmers was not competitive in my area.
I kept wishing that I had more choices to offer my clients and referral prospects. That prompted me to start looking at the independent agency models. I searched local agencies as well as several clusters and found too many limitations. I then responded to a correspondence from GlobalGreen and the rest is history!
Although becoming a GlobalGreen franchisee in late 2009 was a great move for me, going to the independent side was also a learning curve.  However, through perseverance, determination, and hard work, I built a great agency.  GlobalGreen has allowed me to re-connect with my referral sources, and that stream is now larger than ever.  My real estate and escrow referral sources know that I understand the business, the importance of providing my clients what they need quickly and accurately, and that I can offer them more choices for their insurance coverage.
GlobalGreen has allowed me to grow my agency in the manner I want, without quotas or penalizing me for not writing enough of certain types of policies.  With no quotas and the support of GlobalGreen in acquiring more carriers, I have truly thrived.  And unlike the captive world if one carrier increases premiums, I can move clients to other companies, maintaining my agency’s retention level.  As mentioned earlier, when I was a captive agent, I wished for more choices to offer my clients, and upon joining GlobalGreen, that is why I named my agency – More Choices Insurance Agency!  Having choices has made all the difference in the world in my business!  Thank you GlobalGreen!
Kathy – CA


Prior to becoming a GlobalGreen franchisee, I was an Allstate agent and in the banking industry before that.
My office is located in probably the toughest insurance market in the United States. Miami/Dade County, Florida is known for its warm weather, great beaches ans as an international tourist destination, but insurance companies don’t show a lot of love for the area. With a large and highly concentrated population located on the Atlantic Ocean at the southeast corner of the country, it is viewed as a major property risk for hurricanes. This makes it a very difficult market for homeowner’s and commercial property coverage. Most of the national and regional carriers will not write property insurance in the state of Florida leaving the agents there with small, Florida domiciled carriers or the state owned carrier Citizens. For autos, the area has one of the highest fraudulent claims rates in the country which also limits carriers wanting to do business in the South Florida market.
Believe it or not and despite these limitations, I love the insurance industry and truly enjoy what I do. And it shows as my agency is regularly on the GlobalGreen list of top producing agencies. The issues facing everyone in South Florida regarding insurance provides a tremendous opportunity for me to help solve their insurance needs. I make everyone aware that I am in the insurance business and it usually prompts questions regarding their current coverage or problems they are facing with their insurance.
I am happy that I don’t have to fit everyone through one lens as I did at Allstate. Having only one company was very stressful as it is necessary to quote 200+ autos per day to make it. I was turned into an auto quoting machine without the time or opportunity to do much else. This is a major reason for leaving Allstate. I am also excited about the new Dovetail commercial lines product from MetLife. This is a new toy for me and I am up early in the morning quoting commercial prospects. The ease of their quoting system and the very attractive rates coupled with a company that wants to write commercial property insurance in South Florida is fantastic.
I am proof that despite the circumstances if you work hard and are supported by a strong partner like GlobalGreen, you can persevere and become successful.
Ivan – FL
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